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Charlie: Do you want to know how I got through 12 years of prison?

Roman: Your zen? (laughs)

Life (NBC) Season 2, Episode 21: One

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"Song Of The Sea" Trailer

Directed by Tomm Moore (Secret Of Kells)

So excited for this! Lovely looking film.

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"i don’t need a sword because i am the Doctor, and this is my spoon!" (x)

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Because we all know how difficult it is to come up with a good battle cry. Especially for the mad and eccentric.

It’s all a matter of degrees…

Bow down to Gatiss


Saw this

Didn’t really get it to start with.

And then something beautiful was pointed out to me…

Mark Gatiss, you are a genius and I love you.


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OTP: The Doctor and his Spoon.

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Обычно за учебный год у меня в эвернотовском блокноте набирается 90-95 заметок. 11 сентября. 19 заметок………….